Satisfying Series Finales

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a book series only to HATE the ending  but it makes a great series even better when you get a satisfying conclusion. After all, who wants to put in the leg work of reading a lengthy series only to have a sucky ending? Not me! If you’ve been putting off starting any of the series on this list, stop that now and pick up the first book ASAP! I’ve limited these picks to series that have three or more books, but these are as spoiler-free as possible so don’t worry about me ruining them for you 🙂

A CONJURING OF LIGHT – Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab

You’ll hear me rant and rave about Victoria literally ALL DAY LONG so this is kind of a no-brainer. Not only is this my favorite series of all time (besides HP), this book ALONE is one of my all-time favorites because it has EVERYTHING: magic, alternate worlds, pirates -erm.. privateers, knives, royalty, witty banter, ANGST, fantastic BROTPs, AMAZING OTPs, villains, heroes, anti-heroes.. pretty much everything you could love in a fantasy is IN THIS BOOK.

There’s five main characters in this series and I love them ALL. I would die for them all in a second and the ending for each and every one of them was SUPERB. (Uhhhh, besides one that I… don’t wanna talk about…) This book is paced perfectly, the adventure is amazing and there’s SO much fun character interaction that is such a great payoff from the first two books *see below tweet of me talking about this exact thing which was RT’d by Victoria herself and you’ll see the photo evidence of when my soul left my body. READ THIS BOOK READ THIS SERIES READ EVERYTHING VICTORIA HAS EVER WRITTEN OK thanks


THE WINTER OF THE WITCH – The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden

Russian fairytale creatures? Frost demons? Witches? Check, check and check. A young girl named Vasya must discover the power within herself as she journeys through Russia, meeting magical horses, evil priests, a powerful winter-king and his chaos-loving brother along the way.

I finished this book yesterday and I ran to this post’s draft and had to add it IMMEDIATELY. This series has cemented its place as one of my all-time favorites and the finale was a huge reason for that. This entire trilogy is just beautifully written and the characters are SO intriguing and wonderful. I’ve learned so much about Russian folklore and even some Russian history and the books are so rich in emotion and story. I absolutely adore Vasya with my entire heart and reading about her and Morozko has been one of my favorite things ever. I can’t say enough about how perfect the ending of this series is and I will be posting my full review of this book in the next couple days if you would like to hear my (many many many) thoughts in more detail! 

WINTER – The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

*Stefon SNL voice* If you like fairytale retellings, TLC has everything- Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel AND Snow White all wrapped up into one series! But wait, Cinderella’s a CYBORG! Whaaaaa?!?

Now I’ll admit that I read the synopsis for Cinder at least three separate times before I finally decided to give it a chance and OH BOY I’m so glad I did! This was SUCH a great series and every time I finished one book I would run to the library ASAP to check out the next one. So I was very happy when I finished Winter and everything turned out OK for my favorite characters! It’s really hard not to like any of the main characters in this series (and there’s a lot) so I had quite a few people on my list of ‘If Any Of These Characters Die I’ll Kill Everyone In This Room And Then Myself’ and I’m glad to say that I didn’t have to kill anyone! Yay!! This finale is almost 900 pages long, so there’s A LOT happening, but the final portion of it is GREAT. I’ll definitely read this series again someday.

THE KING’S MEN – All For The Game trilogy by Nora Sakavic

Wow, do you see the trend of adding some of my all-time favorite books to this list just to have another excuse to gush about them? Let me just talk about this series FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, THANK YOU. A boy with a secret, violent past that he’s desperately trying to run from finds himself on a college Exy team with a bunch of baggage-ridden, sometimes-homicidal teammates? WHAT COULD GO WRONG?! (hint- everything)

If by the end of this series you haven’t suddenly adopted an entire team of PSU Foxes, I think you need to read it again because you must have not been paying ANY attention. I NOW HAVE LIKE 10 NEW CHILDREN who, by the way, have NO regard for their personal well-being. They’re all just hot messes. Seriously, this series is fantastic and funny and SUPER dark at times and it’s all about Found Family which is one of my favorite tropes EVER and you’ll cry like seven different times but it’s all worth it. Also, the fanart for these books are amazing, there’s a bunch of extra content from the author’s tumblr and the fandom is so nice and hilarious. Please read these books and then come scream about them with me.

WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE SUMMER – Summer Boys trilogy by Jenny Han

A great contemporary romance series. Just a girl spendin’ her summers at the beach with cute boys. Love triangles. Great friendships and family relationships. All good stuff, folks.

I LOVE this series, but especially this book. I read it for the first time my senior year of high school and reread it probably at least once every year of college. All of the books read super quick and they’re just frickin’ adorable. My kindle is FILLED with bookmarks and highlights for this book because of how much is wrecks me. I cry every. single. time I read it. We FINALLY get Conrad’s POV in this one and it’s fantastically heartbreaking. I can see how some readers might feel that the ending was a little rushed but it’s absolutely perfect to me. Pro tip: Make sure to find the edition that has the bonus content of Conrad’s letters to Belly. TEARS. SO MANY TEARS.

I’d love to hear any other recommendations you guys might have about great series conclusions! OR if you have already read these series and loved them as much as I do, I’m always happy to scream about them some more 🙂

3 thoughts on “Satisfying Series Finales

  1. Totally with you on A Conjuring of Light, which just overwhelmed me with feelings and maintained tension so well throughout! I can’t wait to get my hands on The Winter of the Witch because I’ve heard a few people say what a great conclusion to the trilogy it is and I loved the first two books so much. I also adored Bright We Burn for how perfectly it wrapped up the Conquerors Saga!

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    1. YES The Winter of the Witch is now one of my fave books ever so if you liked the first two I think you’ll definitely like the finale! And thanks for the rec, I’ll check that series out! 🙂


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