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Unboxing | Alchemy & Ink’s Wicked & Scarred Mini Box!


Hellooooo! I got my Alchemy & Ink Wicked King/King of Scars mini box last week and I wanted to show off all my new goodies! I’ve never ordered from Alchemy & Ink before but I loooove the look of their candles and will definitely buy from them again in the future!

I didn’t want to buy a full-on King of Scars box from anyone because I just bought a Six of Crows box and honestly Nikolai was really the only character I liked in the trilogy (though I do LOVE Zoya now after reading KoS). But when I saw that this mini box was paired with The Wicked King, I couldn’t resist! After experiencing the debacle of buying and never receiving Whimsify’s box (seriously, never buying from that company again), this is unfortunately the only Wicked King merch I ended up with 😦 Oh well, I’ll try out a new box for The Queen of Nothing!

NOW, for the unboxing! Spoilers ahead!


King of Scars sleep mask with the quote “Magical things happened at the in-between times” : I have no idea where this quote was in KoS, but I like it! I’ve never really used sleep masks all that much, but I think I’ll try this one out and see if I end up liking it!

Wicked King memo pad with the quote “Kill him before he makes you love him” — one of my favorite TWK quotes! And I’m a sucker for post it notes so I really enjoy this item!

Double-sided quote bookmark : both of the sides are really pretty, though I prefer the KoS side.

Enamel Pins : My favorite items in the box! They are both SO cool. The Wicked King has the “Tell me that you hate me” quote with a crown/sword and the King of Scars is a beautiful representation of Ravka and Nikolai! I love them so much and the little placards have such great designs!

Full unboxing photo below. Such a great mini box! 🙂


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