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The Lightning Thief | Favorite Chapter Titles

Hi all! Happy March 🙂 I can’t believe we’re already two months into the year! I ended February by finishing my re-read of The Lightning Thief and I’m ready to recap!

Percy Jackson was one of the first book series I really, really loved when I first read it in middle school, and I’m happy to report that I still love these characters so much! Rick Riordan just has such a great style of writing that appeals to so many different age groups. Percy is still my favorite, but I really loved Annabeth, too. I’m also realizing that I actually… don’t remember… what happens in the rest of this series??? Like, I can name a couple big events, but honestly I can’t recall too much. SO I’m really excited to be surprised of what’s to come!

I did this re-read to refresh my memory of the book before I see The Lightning Thief musical in May, and from what I’ve heard from the cast album, it seems like the musical stayed really close to the book! I kept reading parts and then having the corresponding song stuck in my head throughout the chapter, haha. There are even some direct quotes in some of the lyrics, so I can only imagine that there’s a bunch more in the dialogue, too (I especially love that Annabeth’s first line to Percy is still
“You drool when you sleep”)! I’m even more excited to see the show now!

Also, the musical’s twitter page tweeted this a couple weeks ago and I literally could NOT stop thinking about it while I read this book. I would just randomly think of it and start CACKLING. WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY?! Glow up of the century for Perseus Jackson.

Anyways, I decided that after finishing each book in this series, I’ll include rankings of my favorite chapter titles in my recaps! Some of Rick’s titles are just laugh out loud funny because they’re so straightforward but also so so random.

Here are my faves from The Lightning Thief:

1  I Battle My Jerk Relative

2  I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom

3 I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-algebra Teacher

Bring on The Sea of Monsters! 

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