PJO | Gods of Olympus Tag

I’m in the midst of my Percy Jackson re-read so I thought I’d do a fun tag that’s Greek mythology themed! This tag is super, super old (like 5 years) but I couldn’t seem to find a more recent one that I liked. I don’t know who originally created it, but I discovered it from this polandbananasBOOKS video.


ZEUS | Name your favorite fictional leader.

Harry James Potter. He’s a leader, right?! I mean, he only lead Dumbledore’s Army in the Second Wizarding War and brought the downfall of Voldemort himself. MY SON. I’d literally take a bullet for Harry Potter.

HERA | Who are your favorite fictional parents?

I guess Molly and Arthur Weasley? There’s honestly not a great selection of parents in most of the books I’ve read, haha. But not only are they great parents to the Weasley brood, but they’re also second parents to Harry and every moment of kindness and love between them is beautiful.

DEMETER | What fictional food would you like to try?

Butterbeer! I tried it once at HP World Hollywood, but I really want to go back to get more. I know they also sell a frozen one, too, which would be fun to try.

POSEIDON | Name a book where water is central, either in setting or plot.

The Lightning Thief! Duhhh. Percy is the son of Poseidon and all that jazz.

DIONYSUS | Which character do you want to party with?

I’m not a partier. If by “party” you mean spend the day with? Hermione, probably. I feel like she’d be pretty cool and nice and I wouldn’t be super nervous around her so we could just hang out and maybe read some books. And talk about Harry.

APOLLO | What’s a debut novel that was fantastic?

Recently, I really enjoyed M.L. Rio’s If We Were Villains!

ARTEMIS | Favorite female heroine?

So many to pick from, but right now my favorite is Vasya from Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy! She is such a strong, powerful character and I LOVED every second I spent watching her grow.

ATHENA | Name a wise character.

Annabeth! I mean, who else am I gonna pick for an Athena based, smart person question?! She’s called Wise Girl for a reason!

HERMES | If you could travel to any fictional place, where would you go?

My obvious answer is Hogwarts, but I’d also really like to visit Mount Olympus. I think it’s super cool that it’s based in the Empire State Building so it’d be neat to take the elevator to that entrance.

HEPHAESTUS | If you could have Hephaestus make you a fictional tool, weapon or gadget, what would he make you?

Probably a wand. Then I could do spells and stuff. I was trying to think of something that would allow me to travel faster, but I guess I could just do that by Disapparating.

ARES | Which fictional battle is your favorite?

Geez, I guess I’m just gonna pick Harry Potter and Percy Jackson for every other answer, huh? But I’m gonna have to say The Battle of Hogwarts. Though in reality, my favorite part of that entire battle is Harry’s final faceoff with Voldemort, which is less of a battle than a… duel? I guess. But I love every second of it.

APHRODITE | Who’s your ultimate ship?

Kaz & Inej!

HADES | If you can petition Hades to bring back one dead fictional character, who would it be?

Sirius. His death kills me every single time I read it and I end up sobbing throughout the rest of the book. The worst part is Harry’s thoughts right after it happens. “But Sirius had never kept him waiting before” AGHHHHHHHHHH PAIN.

MORPHEUS | If you could be a god or goddess of anything, what would you want it to be?

Can I be the goddess of cats? Cause I choose that. Give me all the cats. I could probably also talk to cats if I were Goddess of Cats. I’m down for that.

I tag any other fellow half-blood who reads this 🙂

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