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The Titan’s Curse | Favorite Chapter Titles

Beware: This recap contains spoilers! 

OH BOY. OK, so I’ve mentioned this in probably every post I’ve done recently for PJO, but lemme reiterate: I do not remember what happens in these books. I haven’t read them in SO long and it’s almost like reading them for the first time again. I LOVE IT. I checked the Goodreads ratings for this series and it’s coming as no surprise to me that the ratings get better with each book. THEY’RE SO GOOD!!!

The Titan’s Curse was GREAT. I forgot Annabeth wasn’t around for most of this, but the inclusion of Thalia/Zoe/Bianca are a great temporary placeholder. I loved the relationship between Thalia and Percy because they were always going head to head but their friendship is so awesome. AND LET ME SAY, YET AGAIN- I LOVE YOU PERCY JACKSON. When he was talking to Mr. D and was like, ‘there’s NO way I’m gonna grovel to this jerk when I’m about to DIE’ but then looks over at Thalia and sees how scared she is and was immediately like, ‘FINE!’ THAT’S PURE AND WHOLESOME FRIENDSHIP, FOLKS. YEAH I CRIED. Also, the introduction of Nico in this one! I will say that reading about Nico in this book while knowing what he’s like NOW was really jarring. He’s so young and excited and kinda straight up nerdy in this book and I’m like, NICO??? THIS IS NICO??? Goth-son of Hades-wears a skull shirt and leather jacket NICO??? I know when I first read this book in middle school I pictured Nico very differently than I do now, and this book just reminded me of that. I’m really itching to re-read the Heroes of Olympus series now, too, but I haven’t decided if I’m gonna do that this year or wait for next.

This book also really amps up the godly presence. In the first two books, it was like, OK here’s one or two gods scattered throughout, this one was like HERE’S A GOD, HERE’S A GOD, HERE’S ALL THE FRICKIN’ GODS AT ONCE!!!! Amazing. A+. Standing O. I LOVE when the gods show up and this one did NOT disappoint. It was so fun to see Apollo be featured pretty heavily in this one since reading The Trials of Apollo because I don’t remember what he was like as a god and not Lester (fyi, he’s a stud). 

Anyway, that was a LOT to unpack buuuut it’s Chapter Ranking time! There were a bunch of great contenders, but here are my favorites from The Titan’s Curse:

1  The Gods Vote How to Kill Us

2  Everybody Hates Me but The Horse 

3 I Put on a Few Million Extra Pounds

One thought on “The Titan’s Curse | Favorite Chapter Titles

  1. Ohhh! I loved this series in middle school, Percy is everything! I kind of missed Annabeth during the first two books, but then the series was almost better than Percy Jackson! And I remember how funny Rick Riordan writes, but these chapter titles are a whole new level 😂😂😂

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