Author Interview | John-Clement Gallo

Hi! I’m posting today to talk a little bit about a recent sci-fi/fantasy YA novel called The Shadowverse by John-Clement Gallo! This superhero story details the origin of Sonovan Lung, the villain Titan, and The Shadows, an intergalactic group of warriors. John-Clement was nice enough to answer a few interview questions, so I got the chance to learn a little bit about his writing process and the inspiration behind The Shadowverse

If you want to learn more about the author or the book, check out these links:

Author Blog | Read The Shadowverse | Goodreads Page


What was your favorite book growing up?
Definitely The Trumpet of the Swan. I don’t really know why, but as a kid, I read it like 20 times. It’s funny, because I was never really interested in Science Fiction or the like at that age.

What is the hardest part about writing to you?
Literally writing. Using the right words, constructing coherent sentences, etc. Once you get that part down though, everything just flows (well, it did for me, at least).

What’s your writing process like?
I usually start playing ambient music. I have tons of tracks that I listen to in order to get in the mode, and usually I write at night (although sometimes the morning is best). There were instances where I was writing until 1:30 in the morning, which is obviously crazy for me. 
Also, for The Shadowverse, I outlined the entire story from beginning to end first, because when I had started writing previously, it didn’t work for me and I was frustrated. Then I got the bright idea to outline it. Once I spent a few months doing that, I wrote the story fully and it was a blast. I actually have a blog post dedicated to this, it’s one of my first posts.

Do you have a go-to writing habit? (Snacks, places you prefer to write, typing vs handwriting, etc)
Not really, although I can admit I do prefer typing. When I was outlining the story, though, I came up with a ton of ideas by going to the outlook point of various 30-40-story hotels and skyscrapers. When I would look down, ideas would flow like a river. It also helped when I described scenes of Titan, my main antagonist, as he stands in his flagship vessel (he is a galactic ruler and warlord), gazing out into the universe.

What was the inspiration behind The Shadowverse
For several years, my sister and I would goof around and make up stories while acting them out. I never really got the idea to literally write the story until September of 2017. But I never started actually writing until May of 2018. We envisioned so many different things, it was crazy. And over time, the storylines evolved and now here we are. I will be writing a prequel for this book, which will be titled The Legend of Sonovan Lung, then a sequel, Vengeance, then the final installment, Children of the Shadowverse, which is what everything will be building up to. And I cannot wait to start writing again!

In 1-2 sentences, how would you pitch your new book to a reader?
Legends of the past, heroes of the present, and shadows of the future unite to save reality from a twisted fate. After being bestowed powers in an unexpected encounter with a mysterious stranger, six college students are sent across time and space in order to find an exiled, immortal warrior of legend and stop a resurrected alien warlord bent on universal domination.

Read any great books recently? Which ones?  
I finished Ready Player One a few days ago. It was fantastic, one of the most original books I’ve ever read. The movie is good too, just not as good as the book. I also read Children of Time. A bit overrated but it presented some incredible ideas. I really liked it. 

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