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The Battle of the Labyrinth | Favorite Chapter Titles

Wooooohooooo! I’m SO close to being finished with my Percy Jackson re-read! I’m honestly a little sad that it’s already almost over… BUT, I have made a decision! I’M GONNA RE-READ HEROES OF OLYMPUS, TOO (because I’m weak and have no self control)!! Honestly though, it’s because these books have reminded me just how much I love this series and all these characters and I’m not ready to say goodbye to them yet. Though I will enact some restraint and wait a few months. I think I’m gonna take three months to read some newer books from my TBR and pick up HoO around July or August 🙂 The break will also give me some time to think of some new PJO blog post ideas, haha!

The Battle of the Labyrinth was great (I am NOT gonna miss struggling to spell ‘labyrinth’ every time I type it) and there were a lot of great plot twists, though I will say that it’s not my favorite overall book of the series. The ending is REALLY AMAZING though (shout out POSEIDONNNNNNNNNN). I am SUPER excited to start reading The Last Olympian this week 😀 I think I remember it being a pretty good finale, but I honestly don’t remember (I can tell you a grand total of one thing that I know happens in that book). Fingers crossed! 

When I say CHAPTER, you say RANKINGS! CHAPTER! RANKINGS! A bit of a let down after the glorious chapter titles of The Titan’s Curse, buuut here’s my favorites from The Battle of the Labyrinth:

1 I Set Myself on Fire

2 We Visit the Demon Dude Ranch

3 My Birthday Party Takes a Dark Turn

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