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Top Ten Tuesday | An Array of Audio

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

As of the moment this blog post goes up, I’ll be in the sky flying into JFK because I’M IN NEW YORK CITY TO SEE HADESTOWN!!!!! AHHHHH! My excitement is through the roof. It’s truly fantastic that this post, which includes Hadestown (see Number 3), was destined to post the same exact day that I would be seeing the play on BROADWAY. I can’t wait to write all about my trip soon, but until then, here’s a new Top Ten!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was an Audio freebie! So we could talk about ten things of anything audio- audiobooks, podcasts, music, etc. I couldn’t pick one so it’s a grab bag of audio topics! Yippee!

1  Karen M. McManus’ One of Us Is Lying Audiobook

I LOVE this audiobook. It’s probably my favorite I’ve ever listened to. All of the characters voices are so different and amazing and I was SO HOOKED. I find myself thinking of this audiobook a lot just because it was so intense. I would really really recommend listening to this book.

2 The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical (OG Cast Recording)

I’m seeing this musical in person in May and I am SO excited, but I listened to the cast album first on Spotify and it’s so good. It’s hilarious and the cast is super great and I love it so much.

3 Hadestown: The Myth. The Musical (OG Cast Recording)

OK. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS MUSICAL. It’s my all time favorite musical and I’ve never even seen it live (YET!!!!). I’ve literally been listening to the NY recording of this album on REPEAT since I first listened to it last year. If I am ever listening to music in the car, it’s probably this. It is SO GOOD. I cannot say enough about it. And I will be saying even MORE about it when I get home later this week. And probably for the rest of my life. 

4 Binge Mode: Harry Potter, Podcast by The Ringer

*Jason voice* YEAHHHHH! This podcast made me love podcasts and I’ll never stop talking about it. I’d never really listened to any podcasts before, especially going back to the same one over and over, but I cannot adequately express my love for Binge Mode. Mal and Jason are literal heroes to me now and I love and cherish every single episode of this. Must listen if you’re a HP fan.

5 The Rewatchables, Podcast by The Ringer

Another Ringer podcast! They have a really good lineup over there. This one chooses a beloved movie every week and discusses what makes them so great and rewatchable. A couple of my favorites were the 10 Things I Hate About You and The Devil Wears Prada episodes.

6 Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can Audiobook

I really enjoyed this audiobook. It’s read by Lauren herself and it’s perfect. I didn’t even watch the entirety of Gilmore Girls or anything else she’s been in but I actually really liked it!

7 Kelly Clarkson’s The Meaning of Life Album

This was one of my favorite albums of last year! I love pretty much all of Kelly’s music and I’ve loved her since she was first on American Idol (she was actually my first ever concert). This album really showcases her vocals and there’s so many great, upbeat songs. My favorites are Heat and Medicine!

8 Disney’s Hercules Soundtrack 

My favorite Disney movie ever. I just wanted an excuse to talk about this. I Won’t Say I’m In Love? Banger. Gospel Truth? My jam. ZERO TO HERO??? Masterpiece. I… love it so much.

9 Netflix’s GLOW Soundtrack

I started watching GLOW out of the blue one day and I LOVED IT. The entire cast is amazing and I love love Alison Brie. The soundtrack is all 80s and there’s a great playlist on Spotify that has all the songs featured in the show on it. I listen to it whenever I’m in an upbeat mood.

10 Illuminae Audiobook

This audiobook was SO COOL. It’s a bunch of confidential files with stuff like instant messages, surveillance footage summaries, and countdowns complete with sound effects. It has a full cast narrating and the voices are just awesome. The AI’s voice truly CREEEPED ME OUT. OH MY GOD HE’S SO SCARY. So so so happy I listened to this instead of reading it. 

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | An Array of Audio

  1. I LOVE THE LIGHTNING THIEF MUSICAL SO MUCH. Unfortunately I’m on the West Coast of Canada so there’s no chance of me seeing it but I’m happy for anyone who gets the chance to. And HADESTOWN, omg. I’m jealous.

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  2. I haven’t listened to one of us lying, bu tIloved the audiobook of two can keep a secret!
    I also really enjoyed talke as fast as I can on audio!


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