NYC | Hadestown & More!

*cue endless screaming* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 


OK fair warning- this post is LONG and a bunch of rambling but I NEED TO GET MY FEELINGS OUT!!! I got home from my trip to NYC on Wednesday night and OH MY GOD. This trip was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and it’s all because of Hadestown. IT. WAS. ABSOLUTELY. INCREDIBLE. Literally the BEST thing I’ve ever seen, or will see, in my life. It has ruined me for all future shows. I cried like three different times and every single part of it was amazing. I could literally go on and on and on about every single aspect of this show but I’ll try to condense my absolute love and adoration for this show in a few (very caps lock heavy) notes:

THIS SHOW IS GOING TO WIN EVERY SINGLE TONY AWARD THAT THERE IS. The SET was amazing. The COSTUMES were incredible. The LIGHTING was fantastic. It was an all-around breathtaking experience and I would honest to god watch this show every single night and never get sick of it.
AMBER GRAY IS AN ACTUAL GODDESS. She could step on me and I would be blessed. She is an absolute DELIGHT to watch perform. I’m SO glad I got to see the show with both Amber and Patrick as Persephone and Hades because there’s honestly no two people better suited for these roles. If Amber Gray doesn’t win a Tony for this I will personally BURN BROADWAY TO THE GROUND.
-I saw a lot of people saying that the lyric changes were really jarring and some straight up didn’t like them. This scared me a bit because I know from the audio snippets I’ve heard from the London run that most of the changes didn’t sit well with me. But it’s a COMPLETELY different experience watching it than hearing badly recorded audio, lemme tell you. I actually loved a lot of the new lyrics, and Livin’ It Up on Top was AMAZING. That said….
-I still don’t like the changes to the Epics. Epic III from the NY iteration was perfect and there honestly didn’t need to be any changes at all. Every time an Epic started and it wasn’t the familiar lyrics I cringed a bit. I held out hope that at LEAST the biggest, most important part in Epic III would be the same, but the last line was changed a bit and it made me sad since that is the line that makes me cry on the cast recording. BUT I WILL SAY, that when Hades turns to Persephone and gives her the flower and they dance immediately after that- OH MAN. THE EMOTIONAL IMPACT. I had to stop myself from completely breaking down in the middle of the theatre. The tears were REAL in that moment, folks. I also prefer the original version of Doubt Comes In, but the staging for this version was really good so it made up for it a bit.
THE STAGING FOR CHANT II. UGH. Y E S. Chant II is my favorite song and seeing in unfold with the turn tables was AMAZING. There’s a LOT of lyric changes for that song, but I actually really enjoyed most of them! They changed Persephone’s verse almost completely but I liked all the new lyrics. I just wish Anais would have included a little bit more of the old lyrics, too, because they’re perfect.
WAIT FOR ME?! UHHHHH oh my god. No amount of description could ever do it justice. Absolutely beautiful.
-Did I mention that I would die for Amber Gray? Our Lady of the Underground?!?! KILLED ME. SHE’S FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

All of the cast was amazing. There was a standing ovation during curtain call that lasted at least a full minute. I loved the intimacy of the theatre and how the cast just casually walks out at the beginning and sits down while Hermes kicks off the show. I was unsure about Andre’s Hermes when I heard the London audio, but I adore him now. Reeve and Eva were AMAZING as well. My seats were PERFECT and I even did the Stage Door and got Reeve and Patrick’s autographs! 😀 I cannot WAIT for the Broadway Cast Recording to be released. I DON’T SLEEP, I WAIT.


Besides Hadestown, I also did some exploring of Midtown while I was there. I toured the NY Public Library, visited Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, and the FIT Museum. I was on a mission to see as many Greek Mythology-themed things as I could. Here are some pics:

NY Public Library | SO cool. It’s GIANT and the architecture is amazing. Some of the marble that they used is the same kind used to build the Parthenon in Greece! The pic on the bottom is of the Rose Reading Room, which is gorgeous.


Below is a pic of the ceiling in the lobby in front of the Rose Reading Room. The entire ceiling is made from plaster that looks like carved wood, and the painting in the middle depicts Prometheus bringing fire to mankind (a popular motif, since there’s also the giant statue of him in front of 30 Rock!)


Grand Central / Empire State Building | Below on the top is a picture of the zodiac ceiling on the main concourse of Grand Central. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. I had already been to the top of the Empire State Building on my first trip to NY in high school, so I opted to just take some pics of The Last Olympian from the view at Bryant Park, since I’m reading it for my PJO re-read! 🙂


Rockefeller Center | There’s so much Greek Myth stuff in Rockefeller. I included the Prometheus fountain pic above, but there’s so many motifs on the Art Deco buildings of gods and goddesses and they’re so pretty. My favorite was this one of Hermes (below)! Also had to get a snap of the Atlas statue.

Overall, I’m SO happy I got to take this trip and see Hadestown before the tickets become absolutely unattainable (and they WILL). My first successful solo travel adventure! Yay! 🙂

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