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Avengers Assemble | Avengers Book Tag

When I saw this tag on Britt @ Geronimo Reads, I immediately knew I had to do it. If you know anything about me, you’d know that I am OBSESSED (obsessed!) with all things Marvel and with Endgame coming out this month, what better time to do an Avengers book tag?!

GUYS. Endgame comes out in mere WEEKS. Let me tell you that I am honestly SO AFRAID for this movie. Avengers was the first Marvel movie I really fell in love with and I can’t believe this will be the last one. I can’t even begin to say how happy I was when Infinity War ended and I knew that Endgame was gonna be focused on the OG Avengers, because it’s just soooo much nostalgia and I am NOT READY FOR BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN TO THEM. (PS- was anyone around for the 2012 Avengers era of Avengers Tower fanfics and Clint living in the vents and Thor being obsessed with Pop Tarts?! Ahhhh, the good ol’ days) I am pretty frickin’ positive that Steve (my favorite Marvel character) is gonna die in front of my own two eyes and I am not prepared to handle it. I’ve been preparing myself for three years and I’m still not ready. I’m going to be a complete disaster in that movie theater. If Steve says “Avengers Assemble” I’m gonna start crying blood.

I’m literally gonna be talking about this movie non-stop on my Twitter for the entire month, so if you want to hear more of my thoughts you can follow me on there. Unfortunately, I will not be able to tweet after the 25th, due to the fact that I will have drowned in my own tears. K coooooool let’s get this tag started!

IRON MAN | A book that made you laugh out loud
Lauren Graham’s Talking as Fast as I Can was recently a really funny one that I enjoyed!

CAPTAIN AMERICA | A book with a positive message
Ooh, this one took me a bit. I’m answering with To Kill A Mockingbird because it’s my favorite classic ever and the themes are so powerful and great.

THOR | A book with a character’s strength you admire
Since I just got done with my PJO re-read, I’m gonna say Percy! His love for his friends is his biggest strength and he is so pure and incredible. Love that kid.

HULK | A book that makes you incredibly angry
Angry? Hmm. Recently it was Crazy Rich Asians because it was so frustrating to read. But I also am really really mad at The Book Thief because of how much it makes me cry.

BLACK WIDOW | A book with a kick ass female protagonist
I am so in love with Vasya from the Winternight Trilogy. She doesn’t really “kick ass” like Natasha would but she’s absolutely fantastic so she’s kick ass to me. She is SO strong and fierce and fearless and she’s one of my favorite characters from the past year. I only want great things for her.

HAWKEYE | An underrated book that people should pay more attention to
Here, The World Entire by Anwen Kya Hayward is my favorite novella ever and everyone, everywhere should read it! It’s super short but so beautiful and I love it so much! If you like Greek Myths or Medusa (who doesn’t?) read this NOW!


7 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble | Avengers Book Tag

  1. I’m so excited for Endgame! I’m hoping that Steve will somehow reunite with Peggy.

    And I definitely need to read Lauren Graham’s book, I picked it up a few weeks ago but I haven’t got round to reading it yet. Great list!

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    1. Ahh I’ve heard the theory about Steve somehow ending up in the past but I actually don’t like the idea of that at ALL. But it’d be sweet to have a little flashback or something of the other with her! And Lauren’s book is great! She does a great job of narrating the audiobook.

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  2. I LOVE THIS TAG AHH. I might have to do it myself lol. Avengers was the first marvel movie I fell in love with too and I’m so emotional that Endgame will be like… the end of an era😭 I can’t wait but also I’m not ready at all!!

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