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The Last Olympian | Favorite Chapter Titles

Beware: This recap contains spoilers!!

AAAAND my Percy Jackson re-read has come to an end! 😦 I literally sat down immediately to write this after I finished crying my frickin’ eyes out because OH MY GOD THIS BOOK IS PERFECT, YOU GUYS. I’m SO glad I finally re-read this series and it’s reawakened my absolute love and adoration for these books. I’ll definitely make it more of a common occurrence for me to re-read this series. I love Percy so much and he’s right up there with Harry on my all-time faves list. Finishing this book kind of made me regret saying that I would wait until July to start re-reading Heroes of Olympus, but I’m gonna try to hold firm and first read some new books in the next couple of months. I’m gonna miss Percy though, even if it’s only a short while :’)

This conclusion was actually perfect. I knew this was the highest rated book of the series, but OH MAN. It’s SO great. I honestly spent the last 100 pages smiling and crying like an idiot. I’m extremely happy with how this series ends (even though it’s not really an ending since everyone shows up again in the other series, but still). This book was chalk full of absolutely ICONIC moments: Percy going to the underworld/throwing things at Hades and then straight up TACKLING HIM, all of the interactions with Hermes, Percy convincing Poseidon to help fight Typhon, Hades/Nico showing up at the Empire State Building, Annabeth & Percy finally getting together, THE FINAL COUNCIL WITH THE GODS. UGH. So many fantastic things happened and every single one made me happy.

Literally the ONLY thing I remembered about this book going in was that Percy turns down the offer of becoming a god and instead requests recognition for Hades, the minor gods and the claiming of all demigods (which, OH MY GOD THE TEARS WERE REAL!!! I LOVE THIS BOY!!!!!!), so I was super shocked by all the plot twists. I’d forgotten how much happens in this book. It’s action packed from the very first chapter and there’s way more death than I remembered (LONG LIVE BECKENDORF AND SILENA!). You would think that having so much of the book be about the battle might get a little tedious at times, but I was hooked and stressed the f out for this whole thing. Rick was on another level while writing this one. 

I’ve loved every minute of this re-read. It really reminded me of why this series was such an impactful one for me in middle school and why I love reading so much. I’m honestly a little disappointed in myself that I hadn’t tried to re-read them sooner! But now my ignorance has been corrected and I won’t make the mistake of not reading this for another 10 years again 🙂 I LOVE YOU, PERCY JACKSON!

My last chapter rankings! 😦 The finale did not disappoint on the chapter titles! Here’s my favorite from The Last Olympian (with a special treat of FIVE rankings for these five glorious books) :

1  I Drive My Dog Into a Tree

2  I Get a Sneak Peek at My Death

3 Two Snakes Save My Life

4 We Break a Bridge

5 Blackjack Gets Jacked

I can’t wait to dive back into this universe in a few months with Heroes of Olympus! Until then, fellow demigods 😀

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