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Unboxing | Wick & Fable’s NMNF Box

When Wick & Fable announced they were doing SOC for their February box, I tried to resist. I really did. I think my self control lasted for about… a week before I gave in and bought it lol. I still haven’t bought a box from the same company twice, since I tend to feel better about spending my money on the limited edition boxes so I know exactly what books it’s for and I’ll know if I like it. So I’ve been skipping around and trying boxes from a myriad of different companies. I’m confident in saying now that I would definitely purchase from Wick & Fable again! There was SO many goodies in this box and I’m really happy I ended up buying it. It was a bit late because of a customs problem with an item, but it ended up being worth the wait!

I purchased the Deluxe version of this box and I’m really happy with all of the items!

At first I was confused because the package arrived in a large USPS box when I was expecting the smaller Wick & Fable box, but it was because there were a couple larger items included that couldn’t fit inside the W&F box!

First, this great pillowcase with art from who does AMAZING fanart! I actually got this exact art print from the SOC Flick the Wick box and I loooved it, so now I have it in pillow form!


The other large item was this 3D framed art print by @stellabookishart. It has a 3D holographic version of Ketterdam around the borders and it is SO COOL. The background has some incredible detail of a crow and it’s SO FRICKIN PRETTY. ITS SHINY AND BEAUTIFUL AND I HUNG IT ON MY WALL IMMEDIATELY.


Then there was a great pair of crow socks! I love crows and I love socks so it’s a win win. Plus a look at the pretty spoiler card.


On to the actual box! Firstly, the design is SO AWESOME. Kaz is on the front and the rest of the Dregs are around the sides. It looks great on my bookshelf next to my Flick the Wick one!

The first item in the box was a character coaster. The spoiler card said it’s a collectible so I’m guessing there’s others with more characters? I’m pretty sure this one is Van Eck! Evil.

Next is a GIANT pin by @jezhawk with Kaz’s gloves and some playing cards. It’s the biggest pin I’ve ever gotten, and it doesn’t fit on my tiny pin banner so I’ll have to make a bigger one soon lol.


CANDLES GALORE! All of the candles in this box are based off places in SOC:

-2 oz The Menagerie | The scent is herbal tea and it smells fruity and floral.
-2 oz The Barrel | This one has a smog & rum scent and it smells a bit like vanilla. I actually have this one burning as I write this and the scent is a little faint but it smells good.
-2 oz The Ice Court | Side note, but the labels on these candles are so pretty! This one has a sparkling snow scent and it smells like fresh soap!
-2 oz Hellgate | The scent is stone and fire and it smells EXACTLY like fire. I’m almost afraid to light this one because someone is gonna think there’s an actual fire lol.
-4 oz Ketterdam | This is coffee scented and I loooove it! Coffee is one of my favorite smells and I’m excited to light this one, especially on colder days!


When I was doing this unboxing on my IG story I literally packed everything up and then realized that there was EVEN MORE hiding at the bottom of the box! Art prints!

There was a double sided print by @aenteereads with a quote on one side and the Dregs tattoo on the other. I LOVE the Dregs tattoo side and that’s the side currently on my bookshelf. There was also a bookmark!


Finally, these AMAZING character cards of all the Dregs. I love @morgana0aangrom‘s art so I’m really happy that she designed these cards! They’re shiny and very very pretty 🙂


That’s it! Quite a lot of great items in this box! My Bardugo shelf is getting a bit crowded now 😀


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