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Rapid Fire Book Tag

I saw this fun tag on J’s Bookshelf and thought I’d try it out! I’ve been in a bit of a blog-post-brainstorming slump so I’m hoping doing a few tags will help get me out of the funk ๐Ÿ™‚


E-book or physical book?
Physical but I do really love e-books, especially when I don’t feel like holding up the book because I’m super lazy and it’s so easy to curl up in bed and read an e-book on my phone.

Paperback or hardback?ย 
Hardback because they’re easier to prop open, lol. I’m all about that not-holding-the-book-up-life.

Online or in-store book shopping?ย 
In-store if I have specific books in mind. Otherwise I just wander the bookstore and it’s easy to me to buy too much stuff. Gotta stick to THE LIST.ย 

Trilogy or series?ย 
Series, I guess. If I really like the books, then I want as much as I can get, and sometimes trilogies don’t wrap up storylines as neatly as I’d like. I do really enjoy trilogies though.

Heroes or villains?ย 
Ugh, this is a tough one. My gut instinct was to say villains but my most beloved characters ever are heroes… so, heroes.

A book you want everyone to read?ย 
The Winternight Trilogy! Just because then I could talk about it with more people.

The last book you finished?ย 

Weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark?ย 
I’ve used the same bookmark for the past 5 years at least so I don’t normally use weird objects. I’m actually pretty good about finding a bookmark to use.

Used books: yes or no?ย 

Top three favorite genres?ย 
Fantasy, romance, retellings!

Borrow or buy?
Buy, since I love being able to add it to my bookshelves!

Character or plot?
Character, for sure. If I really love a character I’ll stick it out even if the plot is not-so-good.

Long or short books?ย 
Long? I mean, if the story stays entertaining and I get to read more about some great characters then I’m all for a longer book.

Name the first three books you think of.ย 

Books that made you laugh or cry?
I feel like I haven’t read a funny book in a while… I need to fix that. I CRIED during The Last Olympian last month bc I FRICKIN’ LOVE PERCY JACKSON SO MUCH.

Our world or fictional?ย 
Fictional. Our world is a dumpster fire.

Audiobooks: yes or no?
Yes!! But only when I’m driving. Otherwise I lose focus too easily.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?
Yep. If it’s a pretty cover I’m more likely to read the synopsis. Sorry bout it.

Book to movie or book to tv?
TV! There’s a better chance for more of my favorite book moments. Shadow and Bone Netflix, I’m lookin’ at yoooou!

A movie or TV show you preferred to the book?
The Devil Wears Prada movie is a masterpiece. Otherwise, I can’t think of anything else.

Series or standalones?

Anyone who wants to do this tag, go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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