Bookshelf Tour Part 1!

OK so the past couple weeks I’ve been super busy with my NYC trip and then starting tech rehearsal for my new job, so I haven’t been able to do a lot of blogging. I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall when it comes to  up brainstorming ideas, so I looked to trusty ol’ Google for help. Almost every blog post idea list said BOOKSHELF TOUR BOOKSHELF TOUR and soooo… here we are!

Bookshelves are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world and I was SO FRICKIN’ OVERJOYED when I saved up enough money to buy some great big wall bookshelves from IKEA. I love them SO much. I rearranged my whole bedroom after I got them and the new setup is great. I love that they’re so simple and I can even buy more to add if I ever move to a bigger place with more wall space.


I’m a little neurotic about organization so I try to keep my shelves as organized as possible. I have books mostly sorted by color, and then some shelves are sorted into fandoms, authors or genres. I started writing this post and then realized… good God. I have a lot of stuff. SO I’m gonna have to break this up into a couple posts so that I don’t have to write an actual novel, haha. This first post will be all about the left and right side of my giant wall bookshelf! Let’s begin, shall we?

TOP SHELF | This is my rainbow shelf that spans across to the other side. I feel like it’s that meme of the super pink and fun house right next to the dark and dreary house, lol. Mostly standalones, since I really hate breaking up a series. I have a few colorful décor items that I put on these, like the Lorax and the little blue skull.

20190408_204536607_iOS 20190408_204542020_iOS

LEFT SIDE (To the left, to the left, all the books you own in the shelves to your left) 😀

-2nd shelf, left side | This is my Greek Mythology shelf! All my Riordan books and other Greek- themed books go here. I’ve gone back and forth about my decision to put The Song of Achilles and Here, the World Entire on my rainbow shelf and not my Greek shelf, but right now they’re in the rainbow.


-3rd shelf, left side | Schwab Shelf, woop woop! All my Victoria Schwab books and some merch go here. Had to give Victoria her own shelf since she’s my favorite author and all that jazz. All of Shades of Magic funkos live here, too! I’m waiting on my copy of The Near Witch & The Steel Prince to arrive, and then I’ll just need to track down copies of Monsters of Verity and I’ll have her whole set!


-4th shelf, left side | The Bardugo Shelf! All things Grishaverse are here (sans my copy of Ruin & Rising, which my sister is currently borrowing). Got my Kaz and Inej funkos along with some art prints and candles! I have the most SOC merch out of any other fandom (besides HP) and I’m starting to run out of room on this one shelf, haha. I’ll probably have to reorganize it soon.


-5th shelf | B&W that spans to the other side. I had too many B&W books to fit in my rainbow, so they each get their own shelf. The black one is getting really full.


-Bottom shelf, left side | Most of these are my design books. Most of them are textbooks from college that I rarely look at but are good to have for future reference, I guess. I also have some books from when I was really little here. 


RIGHT SIDE (don’t have a funny lyric for this side, sorry)

-2nd shelf, right side | This is my comics/TBR shelf! I have my tiny collection of comics on the left along with my Catwoman funkos (the only DC things you will find on my shelves) and also I have a giant card that my lovely roommates made me when I moved out of our apartment. The right side is my TBR shelf that I have made absolutely NO dent in even though I was supposed to have read like, at least 3 of them by now. Oops.


-3rd shelf, right side | THE MARVEL SHELF *cue Avengers theme music* (Almost) all my Marvel funkos live here as well as the Avengers collector’s set that has a bunch of cool film merch and DVDs of the OG 6 leading up to Avengers. Also have a few other Marvel DVDs on this shelf, too. I’m completely out of room for more Marvel funkos, but I still need to get the Endgame Cap and the Goose Flerken one so I’ll have to find room somewhere. 


-4th shelf, right side | This is kind of my random shelf and there’s not really a category it fits in. I have some sports magazines and playbills from Rock of Ages and Hadestown. Then I have this giant book that opens up and holds a bunch of old photos and random keepsakes that I have. And a couple other random decorations. Like I said, random.


-Bottom shelf, right side | DVDs! They’re sorted a bit (rom coms, Disney, Friends, X-Men, etc). I have waaay too many DVDs for someone who rarely ever watches said DVDs. 


That’s it, for now! I’ll make another post soon with more details about my entire HP shelf as well as a wall shelf that I have! 🙂

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