My Favorite Fictional Cats

I’m a cat person. Growing up, I always thought I was a dog person until 2015 when I adopted a cat, and now I know I was kidding myself when I thought I could EVER be a dog person. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs and I have a dog, but I’ve embraced my cat lady-ness. Cats are so mellow and their independent demeanors are perfect for my introverted one. My cat, Jem, is the light of my life. She is such a cuddlebug and she always lays with me while I’m reading so she gets to be my reading buddy. So with my love for her in mind, I thought I’d show some appreciation for some of my favorite fictional cats and their owners, who are all absolute cat people (which is probably why I love these characters so much).

Hermione & Crookshanks 


Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite HP book (as of right now, check back at the end of the year when I do my HP re-read) and Crookshanks plays such a big part in it! She’s super smart (GIVE ME THE CROOKSHANKS PREQUEL) and cool (I mean, she’s BFFs with Padfoot, how much cooler does it get) and Hermione loves and defends her always! I wish she had showed up more in the later books, too.

Cheshire Cat


Cheshire might be my favorite fictional cat. I went Disney Bounding as him a few months ago and it was so much fun. He’s always been my favorite character from Alice in Wonderland because he’s so kooky and cool. I loved him in both the original Disney movie and the more recent ones, too! I’m just super partial to any and all kitties, but he is just an exceptional one.

Alucard & Esa

I LOVE Alucard Emery and one of the reasons is because he is a TOTAL CAT PERSON. Esa is very very very minor in the Shades of Magic series, but I cherish every single moment she is on the page. Alucard loves her so much. I mean he straight up says, “If you must know, [Esa] is only priceless because I keep my heart inside her, so no one can steal it.” RELATABLE. 

Carol & Chewie (AKA Goose)


I first discovered Captain Marvel probably like four years ago when I first watched Avengers Assemble, but when the movie was first announced I started learning more about her backstory and comic arcs! When I found out she had a cat *cough Flerken cough* I was SO happy. A powerful space babe with a kitty? Amazing. Their relationship is sooo cute in the comics and even though Goose was one of the best parts of Captain Marvel, I do wish he and Carol had more of a relationship like they do in the comics. Hopefully in her sequel! 😀

Katniss & Buttercup

I debated putting this one on the list but I do really like this one. Katniss isn’t technically Buttercup’s owner (nor is she at all fond of him) but I really enjoy the moment when Katniss goes back to District 12 and finds him still milling around the place. I think she takes him with her to Prim? But I actually don’t remember what ends up happening to him after Prim…you know. If we never found out, I’ll headcanon that Katniss ended up keeping him to remind her of Prim.

Andrew & Neil and co.

OK this is also kind of an iffy one but you can FIGHT ME. There’s no actual cats in the All For The Game series, but Nora Sakavic has an abundance of extra content on her tumblr and the fandom has latched on to the fact that Neil and Andrew end up adopting two cats later in life. They have THE greatest names: Sir Fat Cat McCatterson and King Fluffkins. I am partial to the headcanon that Neil asked all the Foxes for name ideas and they (hrm- NICKY) threw out a bunch of joke names and Neil went with it. Andrew was not amused but didn’t argue, because he can never say no to Neil anyway.

All the love for all the cats!!!!!

cool cats.gif

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Fictional Cats

  1. This post is everything!! I love Andrew and Neil and their cats, they’re so soft 😭 Another fictional cat I like is Church from TDA but really all book cats are Good Cats

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