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Jonas Brothers Book Tag

I saw this tag on The Book Cover Girl and knew I HAD to do it! The Jonas Brothers have made their comeback and I am HERE FOR IT and they are puttin’ out JAMS. I’m super excited for them to release their whole new album.

This tag was originally created by Reading With Rendz! Make sure you tag her and tag 3 other friends if you decide to do this tag 🙂

YEAR 3000 | A book/series set in the way distant future
The Illuminae Files! I’m getting ready to finish the series as soon as my
Obsidio library hold goes through!

HOLD ON | A book/series that took you a while to get into
It’s weird for me to say this since it’s now one of my all-time favorite series ever, but
The Bear and the Nightingale started SO SLOW for me. I really didn’t get into it until 75% of the way in, but I’m SO GLAD I stuck it out. When I get a chance to re-read the series I wonder if I’ll be more into the beginning!

SOS | A book/series you needed saving from
The Red Queen series! I actually loved the first book and then the second book happened and I was PISSED. So I looked up the last two books to see if it was worth continuing and it was very much NOT. Had to get up outttttta there.

WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYES | A romance that makes you melt into a puddle of goo
Agnieszka and Sarkan from Uprooted! I’m a SUCKER for those two.

BURNIN’ UP | A book/series so good it set you on fire
Well my favorite series of all time is Shades of Magic, soooo… yeah 🙂

LOVEBUG | A ship you weren’t expecting, but it happened and you ship it
Uhh.. kinda both of the ships in Spinning Silver? I kept going back and forth about whether or not I really shipped them but then they happened and I was like YUP. WOW YOU SHIP THEM.

PARANOID | A book that kept you on your toes the whole time
Recently, Archenemies! I was SO stressed out for that entire book. SO. FRICKIN’. STRESSED.

SUCKER | A book/series you would reread over and over again
HP, SOC and ADSOM are my top three! I’m planning a re-read of HP and SOC later this year because I cannot resist 😀 I’ll have to fight the urge to re-read SOM, too but I’m gonna BE STRONG.

I tag Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm, Kristen @ Beyond Secret Pages & Amy @ Bookish Heights!

6 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers Book Tag

  1. AH THIS TAG IS SO FUN. I love it!! I’ve been listening to Sucker a lot since it came out and it’s seriously so good. Thanks so much for the tag 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for participating in the tag!!! I loved reading through your answers! I totally abandoned the RQ series after book 2 too. I just could not deal with it at all! I haven’t read ADSOM but I am super excited to hopefully binge it this summer!

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  3. AHH I love this tag (and I’m SO here for their comeback as well ahhhhhh). I love what you said about Red Queen because that’s exactly how I felt, that second book made me kind of maaaaaaaad ugh. and I love Shades of Magic as well, such a good series 🙂

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