Bookshelf Tour Part 2!

A couple weeks ago I posted my first bookshelf tour where I realized that I talk too much and needed to separate this into two parts. 😀 The first one was all about the left and right sides of my big bookshelf, but this one will be focused on my Harry Potter shelf and a wall shelf! 

HARRY POTTER SHELF | Harry Potter takes up an entire shelf in the middle of my big bookcase. Do I have enough HP stuff? No. The answer is no.

-HP top shelf | This has three giant HP movie books that I LOVE. I would love to work in film one day and I’m obsessed with all the little behind the scenes details, especially about costumes and props and sets, so I love buying these books. They also usually have cool merchandise throughout the pages. I also have my Harry Weasley Sweater funko and a golden snitch! 


-HP 2nd shelf | The BOOKS! My copies of the series and The Cursed Child! It’s the PERFECT fit so it’s almost like the book gods KNEW this was the perfect shelf for it! 🙂 Then my Golden Trio funkos! 


-HP 3rd shelf | The MOVIES! I got the best little HP trunk from my grandma when I was younger. Then I have the DVDs and a couple magazines. There’s two pairs of Harry’s glasses (one of them are the 3D ones from the final DH midnight premiere), wands, Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter,  a chocolate frog box and a couple Harry funkos.


-HP 4th shelf | This shelf has my copies of Fantastic Beasts, Beedle the Bard & Quidditch Through The Ages. We also have Hermione and Dumbledore funkos, my Butterbeer mug from HP LA, a couple of “my” Hogwarts letters, Slytherin’s locket and some Slytherin bookmarks. Also a tiny Hedwig. 


-HP 5th shelf | More funkos! Also a Time Turner and my copy of the Marauder’s Map. The bottom two shelves of this unit are pretty bare, so I definitely have some room for more goodies!


-HP bottom shelf | This is kind of the random HP shelf of things I don’t know how to sort, lol. I have a couple HP philosophy books, a coloring book, trivial pursuit and a deck of cards! 



-This shelf is right between two windows and is for some of my all-time favorite series that don’t have as much stuff (unlike my Schwab and Bardugo shelves, for example). We got Karen M McManus, Hunger Games, Cruel Prince (STILL need to buy my hardcover of Wicked King ever since Whimsify ruined my plan to get that), Winternight Trilogy, and then some favorite standalones that I couldn’t bear to stick in my Black shelf (The Book Thief and To Kill A Mockingbird).


Yay! That’s all my shelves 😀 This was actually a lot of fun to write about! Maybe I’ll do one of these again someday if I ever change up my shelf organization! If anyone has their own bookshelf tour they’ve done, I’d love to read it, so drop your links in the comments! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour Part 2!

  1. OMG I am in love with your shelves!!! First of all, your Harry Potter collection is goals!!! I’m literally sooo jealous haha! And also that shelf in front of the window (with the cruel prince in it) is also reaaaaally cool!!!!

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