Recap | The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical!

Photo cred to @demidorks

AHHHHHH. AHHHH! YOU GUYS. I finally got the chance to see The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical last Saturday in San Jose and OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD. IT WAS SO AMAZING AND I’M GONNA TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT.

20190511_204354746_iOSI talked a bit about my admiration for this show a few months back, but seeing it in person is somehow even better than listening to the cast recording, which is already perfect on its own. There’s so much more in the dialogue between songs, the dancing, fight choreography and the overall staging that adds more fantastic vibes to this show. I absolutely adore this cast and not gonna lie, when Chris McCarrell came out from behind the curtain… yeah I died. He’s the perfect Percy and Kristin Stokes is the perfect Annabeth. I cannot say enough about those two.

This show captures the exact charm of the books and it is SO MUCH BETTER than the atrocious movie adaptations. It stays true to the plot of the book and there’s so many book references (and straight-up quotes) in the dialogue and the music. The fact that the original show had such a low budget still comes through in this tour version, and it actually is great because of that. They use toilet paper and blue lights as the “water” and it’s incredible. Everything is so silly but it feels absolutely right when you watch it. I could NOT stop smiling throughout the entire show. I laughed out loud multiple times and teared up at least three times (when Percy called Annabeth Wise Girl… yeah I was completely unprepared and I gasped lol). Their Sign? Tears. GOOD KID (which btw Chris McCarrell deserves all the awards for)? Tears. My Grand Plan?? Tears. Tree on the Hill?! TEARS. I walked out of the theater feeling so happy and satisfied. I loved it so much and definitely recommend seeing it in the last couple months before the tour is over! I wish I could go again.

Here were just some of my favorite moments from the show in completely vague bullet points:
-When Chris ran out from behind the curtain and just sat there all cool before the iconic “Look, I didn’t wanna be a half-blood” line
-When Percy furiously started spraying Febreeze all around Smelly Gabe
-“You drool when you sleep”
-“YOU’RE MY DREAM GIRL!!! I mean.. the girl… from my dream” Also “I love girls!!!”
-“He met a fury!” “YOU’RE A FURRY!!!” (ok there was controversy about this line last Monday on Twitter about how it’s actually “You’re all furry” which is not as funny but whatever lmao)
-Chiron’s horse gallop
-The slow mo matrix fighting during Put You In Your Place
….is that a fork?????? (LEGENDARY HAHAHAHAHHA)
-My dad is Poseidon? ………….. OH SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!
-Mr. D wanting to turn Percy into a dolphin
-The entirety of Lost! (Honestly just any time it was just Percy, Annabeth Grover on stage was absolutely amazing)
-So happy they kept the sending Medusa’s head moment!
-The finding the bolt moment and the TENSION afterwards I was like *gasp*
-Poseidon’s hang-loose signs lolololol
-“I think that’s Tartarus” “…LIKE THE FISH SAUCE?????”

Overall, just a perfect musical for one of my favorite books ever and I’m so happy I got the chance to see it. It’ll be hard to ever find another show where I’m smiling like an idiot for two straight hours. I would now die for Chris McCarrell, my true Percy Jackson. 


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