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Heroes of Olympus Re-read + Tag!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PERCY!!! Wa-hoooooo! It’s finally time for my Heroes of Olympus re-read! When I finished re-reading Percy Jackson back in April, I knew I wasn’t ready to leave this world behind just yet, so I planned to re-read HoH and the time has come!! I just finished The Lost Hero and ughhhh that last line is SOO GOOD. I knew it was coming and still, CHILLS. This re-read made me realize how much I love Jason (and made me mad every time because… ya know… The Burning Maze……RICK YOU BETTER FIX THAT) and I also liked Piper a lot more this time around (I’ve always loved Leo). I’m SUPER hyped for the rest of the series now and to read about MY BOY Perseus again.

For my PJO re-read, I capped off each book by posting about my favorite chapter titles, but since (sadly) HoH doesn’t have chapter titles, I had to search for a book tag! I haven’t quite decided if I’ll be doing a recap for each book in this series, but I hope so, if I’m able to think of something fun to do for each book 🙂

This tag was created by The Writing Hufflepuff! It’s five years old now, but surprisingly I could not find any more recent ones. 

Your fatal flaw when it comes to books

Reading the last line of a chapter. I have to physically cover the last sentence so my eyes don’t just skip to it and spoil myself!

The Hestia on your bookshelves | A book you feel is underappreciated

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta!

Oh no! Hades is wearing his Boo Cap! | A book that scared you

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I read it in my freshman year of college and it freaked me out for like a week.

To the Zeus Cave! | Your favorite spot to read

My bed! With my cat 🙂

A book you’d fall into Tartarus to get your hands on

Currently, The Queen of Nothing! I’m soooo anxious about that book and I thank Holly every day that there haven’t been ARCs of it because otherwise I would’ve already spoiled myself.

Rick Riordan is the myth sass master | Sassiest book you’ve read

OK, well besides PJO books- uhhh have y’all met HARRY JAMES POTTER. He is the actual sassmaster of my heart.


Favorite minor character?

Hmm. I don’t really know what classifies as minor here. Is it anyone other than the Seven? If I had to pick from just this book, I’d say Hedge or Festus. I’d have to truly answer this after my re-read.

Favorite book in the entire series? 

AGH, I can’t answer this either because I don’t remember them! I’ll answer this one when I finish. I can already tell it’ll be one when all the Seven are together (I can’t recall if that starts next book or not).

Favorite and least favorite god? 

Favorite is Persephone and Hermes (don’t make me choose)! Least favorite is Hera.

Your godly parent?

I would frickin’ love to be a child of Hades. Or Hermes, because I love him.

How important are the books to you and why? 

PJO was the first book series I truly loved and this series just makes me really happy to read about. It’s a great blend of old and new characters and I love them all, so it’s great to return to this world. I also LOVE the addition of the Roman god aspects, I think it’s so cool.

A message to Uncle Rick? 


On to The Son of Neptune! Just in time for Percy’s birthday (also with the recent announcement of The Lightning Thief on Broadway!!!!! Yippeeeeee!) PS, if anyone knows of any other Heroes of Olympus tags out there, please leave me a link!! 🙂

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