Heroes of Olympus Wrap-Up!

Hello! I finished my re-read of Heroes of Olympus over the weekend and I looooved it! I love those kids so much. I think I prefer the original PJO series a little better overall, but all of the new demigod characters are really great. I spent most of my re-read alternating between crying over these kids and raging because I love Jason a lot and I’m really mad about The Burning Maze.

Here are my final ratings:

The Lost Hero ★★★★
The Son of Neptune ★★★★★
The Mark of Athena ★★★★★
The House of Hades ★★★★★
The Blood of Olympus ★★★★

I wanted to circle back to a couple questions from my HoO book tag that I can actually answer now that I’m done! 

Favorite minor character?

I still don’t know what “minor character” entails in this series. There’s not really any minor characters that get enough page time to qualify as my favorite. So…Besides Percy, my favorite of the Seven are Jason and Leo.

Favorite book in the entire series? 

The House of Hades! Percy & Annabeth in Tartarus, we get Jason POVs back, Nico’s journeying with the crew on the Argo II, Calypso, BOB (*cries*)! Bunch of good stuff. 

PS can someone PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOOD do a Percy Jackson book box?!!? I’ve been searching everywhere and I really, really want some PJO/HOO merch.

PPS- this is my 100th blog post!! Woot woot! 🙂

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