Thoughts While Reading | The Odyssey

odysseyThe Odyssey
Author  Homer
Pages 296
classics | poetry | mythology

4 stars

Homer’s The Odyssey, the classic account of the Greek hero Odysseus and his ten-year journey home, following the glories and horrors of the Trojan War as recounted in The Iliad. In this prose retelling of Homer’s epic poem, we follow Odysseus and his shipmates as they weather one danger after another, from the sorceress Circe to the one-eyes Cyclops and the six-headed monster Scylla.

Replete with classic drawings and colorful illustrations, this beautiful new edition of The Odyssey is just as gripping to read now as when it was first told to rapt Greek audiences 2,500 years ago.

“Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious hero who traveled far and wide after he had sacked the famous town of Troy.”

Helloooo! Happy October! I have returned for a brief respite from my blog absence! I’ve taken most of this month to focus on my bookstagram, which is going great-I posted every day in September and passed 1,000 followers, yay! But I still haven’t quite gotten the time to get back in my blogging zone. Work has really been messing with my health (physically, emotionally and mentally) so it’s easier for me to just continue being more active on Instagram. I finish this work season in two weeks and then get a blissful month off before two and half months of work to take me into the new year, after which I will be taking some MUCH needed time off. My goal is to pop back on here at least a few times a month with a review or two, and maybe some HP-themed posts once my re-read starts late Nov/early Dec, but I don’t plan to become fully active on here until next year. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around while I get my shit together. I appreciate you! ❤

September was a Greek mythology month for me (again- I seem to have a lot of those…) and I finished it off with The Odyssey! I thought I had read the entire Odyssey in high school, but it’s realllllly frickin’ long and I think I must have just read part of it. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do a “Thoughts While Reading” review for a while now, but it’s super hard for me to remember to pause and write my thoughts down when I’m reading a book that is new to me. So, since I already knew all of the characters and major plot points of this, I figured it was the perfect opportunity! I used the B&N illustrated edition for this. I must say that while I LOVED the line art illustrations scattered throughout the pages, I was a bit disappointed by the other included artwork. I wish there were more original illustrations! That being said… stream of consciousness- go! 

Thoughts While Reading The Odyssey
Note: these are taken directly from my phone, which is where I kept them as I read. Any additions from today are in parentheses and will hopefully give context to my nonsense ramblings

-Only psychopaths put footnotes at the end of a chapter and not on the bottom of the pertaining page (I ended up not reading these at all)
-In my edition, Athena was referred to as Athene and it bugged me so much
-Athena has winged shoes? Since when tho
-“For speech is man’s matter” yikes
-Please tell me Odysseus is in this book (This first few chapters were all narrations about Odysseus from other people and I was getting fed up, like BRO am I gonna hear any of this from Odysseus or what?!)
-Weird that Athena prays to Poseidon
-“What mortal tongue indeed could tell the whole story” Homer flex
-Telemachus has cried so many times
-Repetitive Telemachus speech (I have been listening to the Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby podcast which I LOVE, and when Liv was doing The Iliad episodes, she always talked about how repetitive Homer was. And oh my GOD, it’s true. The AMOUNT of times I had to read “child of morning, rosy fingered dawn”!!!)
-My first glimpse of Odysseus is him crying all day that’s wild
-Poseidon is shook, he leaves for five seconds and Odysseus is on his way home!
Poseidon, coming back from Ethiopia:
Odysseus: *is safely making his way home*

-Poseidon slept with his daughter?!?!?! (I mean, I know mythology is full of incest but yeesh.)
-Odysseus cries so much what is happening
Laidamas: do you even lift bro
Odysseus: is ready to Fight
anger meme
-WAIT A MFING SECOND CIRCE ISN’T IN THIS?!?! (no, Kaylee, calm down. Odysseus mentioned Circe in passing so I assumed Homer skipped over her, but Odysseus goes back and talks about her later in the poem.)
-FINALLY some Odysseus narration
-The Lotus-eaters… this tumblr post but with the Odyssey lmao

-Odysseus you done fucked up… stayed with Polyphemus “in the hope that he might give [him] a present” (Dude got half his crew straight up eaten alive… tough look for my guy)
-Noman instead of No One?? (I’d never seen Odysseus use Noman before, so that was weird!)
-I feel like before reading Circe I’d always seen her painted as a villain but she’s actually super cool and Odysseus speaks highly of her? Maybe that came from her being a villain is Percy Jackson lol
-Achilles and Patroclus OMG :((((
-I don’t think they went past Scylla/Charybdis in Circe (I could have sworn that Circe is just like, nah here’s another route lol)
-Yellow hair?? I’ve always pictured Odysseus with dark hair
-Athena has a wand?? She’s literally a reverse fairy godmother
-Why is the fake story Odysseus tells the swineherd so long omg
-Was it really necessary for the dog to die
-Odysseus to Irus: I may be old but I will fuck you up
-OK Athena, calm down! She keeps making the suitors act more annoying so Odysseus will want to kill them more
-Telemachus HAHAHA “your father would have had to see about getting you buried rather than married in this house”
-Achilles and Patroclus were put in the same vase omg omg
-WHY would Odysseus lie to his dad like GOD man, I am tired

That’s it! This was fun and I hope to get the chance to do this again in the future! 🙂

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