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October Wrap Up!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m back with a wrap-up! I skipped September because… I don’t know why.  I guess nothing really happened, book-wise, who knows? But I couldn’t skip spoopy month! 

I’m still struggling to blog consistently (or.. at all…)! I’ve only posted a couple reviews this month, but most of my books lately have been re-reads, so I guess that’s understandable. I’m starting my Harry Potter re-read tomorrow, and I’m going to try to brainstorm some fun posts for that. Fingers crossed!

I’ve (again) been much more active on Instagram! I made my account spooky-themed this month, which was really fun yet kind of exhausting! I’m ready to get back into posting whatever-theme-I-want. I have two more weeks off before I start work again. My plan is to (hopefully) get through Goblet of Fire, then take a break and read The Queen of Nothing (!!!!!) and Little Women by the end of November. 

Here are the books I read this month: 

-Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered ★★★
The Silence of the Girls ★★★★
The Storm Crow ★★★
-Movies (And Other Things)
-This Savage Song
(re-read) ★★★★★
-Our Dark Duet
(re-read) ★★★★
-Six of Crows
(re-read) ★★★★★
Ninth House ★★★★★ (favorite book of the month!)
The Tyrant’s Tomb ★★★
-Bringing Down the Duke
-Radio Silence
-Crooked Kingdom (
re-read) ★★★★★
-A Touch of Darkness

Some other blog posts from this month: (one, lol)

Thoughts While Reading The Odyssey!

9 thoughts on “October Wrap Up!

  1. Glad to see so many 5 star reads! I have the Ninth House from the library, just got it and I am excited to jump into it even more so now since you gave it a 5 and said it was your favorite book. I hope November is just as good to you!

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