HP Re-read | Sorcerer’s Stone + Top 7 Characters

Book 1 of my HP re-read completed! I loved Sorcerer’s Stone! I teared up so many times that I started making a tally and will do so for the rest of the books to see which book I cry the most during (my money is on OotP). I ended up crying 6 times during this, haha. 

Today I’m gonna be sharing my Top 7 HP characters! (because seven is the most powerfully magical number SHOUT OUT BINGE MODE)! Besides Harry, who will forever be number one in my heart, these are in no particular order!


It boggles my mind whenever the question of “fave HP character” comes up and rarely, RARELY does Harry’s name ever come up. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. I WOULD TAKE A BULLET FOR HARRY POTTER. I will literally defend him until my last dying breath. He is the sweetest, softest boy to ever live and he will forever and always be my all-time favorite fictional character. Don’t be surprised if some time during this re-read I publish a frickin’ novel about how much I love Harry. He is the light of my life.

Hermione Granger

Duh, who doesn’t love Hermione? She’s just a wonderful friend to Harry, a brilliant witch (the brightest of her age, I’m told) and Harry and Ron would literally be dead without her. 

Albus Dumbledore

This is a bit of a controversial opinion, I guess, but I really do love Dumbledore. Yes, he should’ve made better decisions and his communication skills SUCK, but he’s just such a fascinating character and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his relationship to Harry. Some of my favorite moments of HP are ones between Harry and Dumbledore.

Sirius Black

SIRIUS DESERVED BETTER. His death will never fail to make me sob and he might just be number one on my list of fictional characters to bring back from the dead. His relationship with Harry is everything to me and it is TRAGIC (TRAGIC!!!) how little time they got to spend together. I treasure every moment and it’s clear how much they loved each other (I’m tearing up as I type this, don’t mind me). It’s heartbreaking to imagine what Harry’s life would have been like if Sirius had never gone to Azkaban.

Minerva McGonagall

MCGALLEON!!! She’s awesome. I, again, love her relationship with Harry (you can tell that my favorite HP characters are directly related to how much I love their relationship with Harry lol) and she has so many great moments throughout the series. “Have a biscuit, Potter” and Harry’s “He spat on you” are two of my absolute favorites. 

Luna Lovegood

It’s crazy how prominent Luna is in the HP fandom considering that she’s only in like two and a half books! But she’s such a fun character and I love how important friendship is to her. She doesn’t care what other people think and she’s not afraid to stand up and help her friends. LOVE her. 

The Weasleys

YES, I REALIZE THIS IS A CHEAT ANSWER. But I spent a lot of time going back and forth about who to put in this last spot and I ended up with a slew of Weasleys that I couldn’t pick between! I just really love a lot of them. I adore Fred & George. Honestly, Ginny was never really a favorite of mine, but in recent years I’ve come to love her a lot! I really love Charlie and wish there was more of him in the books. Ron, of course, is great. Also, I frickin’ love Molly: she’s such a good mom to not only the Weasleys, but to Harry too *sob* and I just couldn’t pick one of them. So, here they all are. LOVE THAT FAM.

I have given myself the task of finally finding out which chapters are my favorite HP chapters of all-time. So, I have to take it one book at a time. Here are my top 3 chapters from Sorcerer’s Stone:

1 Halloween
The ORIGIN of the Golden Trio. An all-timer. That last line makes me cry every time.

2 The Mirror of Erised
I wasn’t expecting this chapter to make me cry so much, but oh MAN. It’s emotional. The movies made me forget that Harry doesn’t only see James and Lily in the mirror, but his whole family. That boy just wants a FAMILY, you guys AHHHHHH. Plus, we get the first real Harry-Dumbledore interaction and it’s really great. I never realized that Dumbledore sits on the floor beside Harry in front of the mirror and that was just.. so. soft. And we get Harry asking Dumbledore what he sees in the mirror. It’s all good stuff.

3 The Boy Who Lived
The start of it all! It’s just a really good setup to one of the greatest stories ever.

Also, I’ve been doing some DIY HP projects lately, so I figured this was as good time as any to finally share some! A couple weeks ago I crossed off a bucket list item- I made butterbeer cupcakes!! I’ve had butterbeer cupcake recipes saved to my Pinterest since high school, but I have never gotten around to actually making them. But along with my friend Jennifer, we baked some during our HP rewatch of Chamber of Secrets! Here’s the recipe we used! They turned out pretty well for a first attempt:


Finally, I’ve also decided to pick my favorite chapter art from each book. I absolutely LOVE Mary Grandpre’s illustrations and I wish more books had chapter art! Here’s my favorite: 


On to Chamber!

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