HP Re-read | Chamber of Secrets + Top 7 Locations

Chamber of Secrets… check! Though this is still a fantastic book, I think it’ll end up being my least favorite of the series. It just didn’t pack the same punch for me that Sorcerer’s Stone did. I did enjoy getting a bit of Fawkes though! I just rewatched this movie during my rewatch a couple weeks ago and it’s crazy that it’s the longest movie of the series when it’s one of the shortest books. They definitely added a lot more action to the action sequences, like the Basilisk battle and visiting Aragog.

For today’s Top 7, I’m gonna be talking a bit about my favorite locations throughout the HP-universe! There’s so many great ones to choose from, but this is my current list (again, in no particular order):

Dumbledore’s Office

This is actually my number one location. It probably has something to do with the fact that many of my all-time favorite moments are between Harry and Dumbledore, and a majority of those take place in this room. I feel like it just has a really magical aura to it. The talking portraits are always a treat, the Sorting Hat lives there, the Sword of Gryffindor, the Penseive, FAWKES… it’s home to a lot of really great things, and Harry goes through a LOT of stuff in that place. I just really love every single scene that takes place in here.

Grimmauld Place

Even though Sirius might not agree, I do love this house. No matter what, it’s a part of Sirius (and later Harry) and it’s just a cool place. I love the hidden aspect of it and that it’s somehow a dilapidated, yet still high quality house?? It provides refuge for the trio in Deathly Hallows and it always makes me so sad when they can no longer go back there. And I love that Harry inherits it (along with Kreacher). I wonder what Harry ended up doing with it after the series was over…

Great Hall

This was a bit of a given. I don’t really have much to say about this place other than it’s just a main facet of Hogwarts and I love that the whole school always congregates here. It gives a real sense of community to the place. Also, it’s neat that the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort happens in… pretty much the cafeteria?? haha

Gryffindor Common Room

Pretty straightforward. A nice, cozy place for all the Gryffindors to hang. I always imagine it to be really comfortable and warm, and full of pillows.

Diagon Alley

I couldn’t narrow this place down to one shop, because there’s so many great things here! I really enjoy the time that Harry spends here at the beginning of PoA, so I’m excited to read about that. It just seems like such a central wizarding location, and it’s also one of Harry’s first forays into the magical world.

Platform 9 3/4

I love that we always get a glimpse of Kings Cross in every book, because it just acts as a landmark of the series. It’s no surprise that such an important place was where Harry ended up in Deathly Hallows after Voldemort tries to kill him. 


Again, it was hard to narrow this down. I guess if I had to pick a place it would be The Three Broomsticks, since I always imagine it to be a cute cafe type place that seems really fun for a student or teacher hangout.

On to my favorite chapters! I was getting a little worried because I only had one chapter bookmarked and I was nearly to the end, but the last few chapters in this are the best. My top 3 chapters from Chamber of Secrets: 

1 Dobby’s Reward
What a great final chapter. We get some Harry/Dumbledore moments, freeing Dobby, the end of year celebration… it’s all great.

2 The Heir of Slytherin
My good friend Tom!!! The showdown with Riddle in the Chamber, Fawkes being a BAMF, Harry destroying the diary… it’s a chapter that makes me really love Harry. It’s the only chapter I cried during in this book (woohoo, very much down from my SS’s total of 6); when Harry’s literally lying there dying but he still has the strength to compliment Fawkes’ performance… I love that boy with all my heart.

3 The Rogue Bludger
Harry loses his bones! And Dobby returns! Yippee!

One last thing… my favorite chapter art from this book:





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