HP Re-read | Prisoner of Azkaban + Top 7 Creatures

OH MAN. I FRICKIN’ LOVE THIS BOOK. I’ve been wondering if it would still remain my favorite book after this re-read was over, and after finishing… it has a pretty firm grip on that number one spot right now. We’ll see if it holds on…

What an absolute masterpiece of a book. I love Sirius soooo much and we also get Lupin and Crookshanks and UGH. IT’S SO GREAT. It’s insane how much I love Sirius when I get so little time with him (trying not to think about that, la la la) but he’s such a wonderful character, and obviously he’s so important to Harry, which means he’s so important to me.

I ended up picking 5 of my favorite chapters for this book because there were so many good ones to choose from. I suspect I’ll be doing five for each book in the rest of the series, too. I rewatched the movie right smack in the middle of reading this book and was thrown to see how much is different between the book and movie! PoA has always been my favorite movie but I’d forgotten how much they had to cut out of it. And a lot of the plot is all twisted and out of order. I still really love it, though. I think it’s definitely the most aesthetic film, and it’s also my favorite costumed one, which might attirbute to it’s high ranking. It establishes so much of the later movies’ design (both in costumes, set, and graphics) and I adore it. I could go on and on about my love of the costumes (don’t get me started on the COLOR PALETTES!!!!), but I will restrain myself.

My official rating of this book is 7 stars… I can’t bring myself to rate any HP book lower than 5, so my favorites will just get this very special rating 🙂 With all that said, here are my Top 7 favorite creatures of HP!


I adore Fawkes. He is such a cool creature and even though he’s barely in the series, every time he makes an appearance it is important and meaningful. I love that he’s Dumbledore’s and that he responds to loyalty. I am excited (and also very, very terrified) at the propsect of him turning up in Fantastic Beasts… we’ll see how that pans out but right now I’m not loving it. 


I LOVE HEDWIG SO MUCH AND SHE DESERVED BETTER. She is such a great owl and I’m so so glad that Harry had her during his time at Hogwarts. Her death is one of the worst ones for me and every time I read about her during this re-read I get emotional… I don’t want her to go 😥


Dipping into Fantastic Beasts canon for a couple of these… the Niffler was my favorite from the first film! I know they were also in HP but for such a short time- FB is where the Niffler got to SHINE (pun intended) and they’re such funny little creatures. 


Another FB find- I adored Pickett and I love his friendship with Newt! When Newt had to temporarily part with him… oh man I was SO sad. But it all turned out OK and I hope he shows up in the later films as well! 


I’d forgotten how much of a BAMF Crookshanks is in this book. It’s really unfortunate that he doesn’t have much of a role in the later books, because he’s AWESOME. He’s SO smart and I love his friendship with Sirius and how he totally helped Sirius break into the castle and all that. He’s great.


Buckbeak (I mean… Witherwings, now) is also a BAMF. Attacking Malfoy, helping Sirius escape– he’s a cool Hippogriff. I’m really glad Sirius has him for company while they’re in hiding. Also, that he has him at Grimmauld Place as well, since Sirius gets so lonely there. 

House Elf

SPEW RIGHTS!!! All the house elfs are fantastic. Dobby is, of course, one of the best, but I also love all the ones that work in the Hogwarts kitchens! And I also LOVE Kreacher… obviously not as much in OotP because he like… causes that *thing* to happen to Sirius and what not… but after he and Harry are on better terms in Deathly Hallows I really came to love him.

On to favorite chapters! Like I said, there were a lot of great ones to choose from. I was nearly the end and was just writing down all the chapters I finished because they were all so good! I managed to narrow them down to these:

1 Owl Post Again
So far, my top chapter of the first three books. It NEVER fails to make me cry. We get everyone’s reactions to Sirius and Buckbeak escaping, Lupin and Harry chatting, Dumbledore’s “you think the dead we loved every truly leave us” talk with Harry, SIRIUS’ LETTER (when he gives permission for Harry to go to Hogsmeade I immediately break down into sobs) and Harry telling the Dursleys that he’s got a convicted murderer for a godfather… wow. Legendary. 

2 The Servant of Lord Voldemort
We learn so much information about the truth surrounding the Marauders and James and Lily’s death, Harry’s acceptance of what Sirius is telling him, Hermione calling Sirius “Mr. Black” (also makes me cry because Hermione is frickin’ PHENOMENAL), “DIED RATHER THAN BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS”… oh my god, this was so great, too. THIS BOOK IS SO GREAT, YOU GUYS.

3 Flight of the Fat Lady
There’s a lot of good stuff in this chapter as well, but the real greatness is the actual Flight of the Fat Lady. Peeves’ telling Dumbledore it was Sirius… the delivery… the drama…. oh my god, chills.

4 The Quidditch Final
Gryffidor wins the Quidditch Cup! Hermione slaps Malfoy! Lee Jordan with some incredible commentating! The last line is so good.

5 Cat, Rat, and Dog
The first meeting of Harry and Sirius and the reveal of Pettigrew as Scabbers. The Trio are really fantastic in this chapter.

Favorite chapter art:


Finally, my Times I Cried tally totaled at 6 for this book. It actually matches what Sorcerer’s Stone total was, but I think I’d count this one as slightly ahead because I actually CRY cry during this one, and SS was mostly just a couple tears here and there. I don’t think I cry too much during Goblet.. but that could be totally wrong. I’ll be starting Goblet next week, very excited!

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